*** NOTE:  Because WBCR is a small organization with few volunteers, we only adopt to families in Wyoming, Colorado, and immediately surrounding states.

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The Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in a rescued Border Collie! Please review the application process below before submitting your application. Please remember that every person working with WBCR is a volunteer, doing rescue in his/her “spare” time, so the first part of our adoption process (our reference checks and home visit) can take 2-3 weeks or longer depending on the dogs in our program. If you’re unwilling to wait that long, we hope that you’ll consider adopting a shelter dog in need, where the wait is much shorter.

Step 1:  Do your homework!

If you’re considering/looking for your first Border Collie, please do your homework FIRST! While we think Border Collies are the greatest dogs on the planet, we equally believe that they’re not the dog for everyone. Please read our “About BC’s” page to begin learning more about Border Collies, their temperaments, needs and whether a BC is the right dog for you. 

Step 2:  Complete & Submit an Application

Please answer all questions completely; incomplete applications will not be processed. Our initial review of your completed application will help us decide whether we may have a dog for you. We know our application is long and detailed, but this information is very important to help us determine if you might be an ideal home for a certain dog in the program. The more information you give us, the easier it will be to do that. Please remember that our top priority is to serve the dogs, and to find the most suitable home for each of the dogs in our rescue. While we enjoy meeting border collie loving applicants, the interests of the dog come first.  We don’t have many dogs in our program, which means a waiting game for many qualified applicants.

Step 3:  Reference Checks

Once we receive and review your completed application, it’s assigned to a volunteer for reference checks – we will call the references listed on your application, so you’re welcome to let them know that we’ll be contacting them. This initial step typically takes 1-2 weeks, so please be patient!

Step 4:  Home Visit

Once the reference checks are complete & approved, a WBCR volunteer will contact you to schedule a home visit. This is an informal chance for us to get to know you, your lifestyle, home environment and determine which dog(s) in our program might be a great fit. The HV volunteer will discuss what personality traits you’re looking for as well as general breed traits and what to expect when bringing a Border Collie home. He/she will also do a short walk-through of your home and yard to ensure its safety and to advise on any areas of concern. All household members must be present for the home visit. Please understand that the HV volunteer may not personally know any/many of the dogs in our program so may be unable to answer questions about specific dogs. Once the HV report is received by WBCR, it may take a few days for us to collate & review all of the information and get back in touch with you.

Step 5:  Matching/Phone Interview

Once an application is processed and approved, now comes the fun part! While it’s easy to fall in love with a picture, it is the dog’s personality & temperament that determine whether it may make a great match for you. During the matching process, a WBCR adoption coordinator will contact you to discuss specific dogs within our rescue. We strongly encourage applicants to write down questions they may have about Border Collies, and discuss these questions with the assigned coordinator. We work hard to match your desires with the traits and personalities of our dogs.

Please understand that we only want what is best for our dogs, so if we don’t think a specific dog is a good fit for you, we’re not passing judgment on you/your family but are drawing on years of experience with Border Collies, and, more importantly, experience with the dogs in our program. “First Come First Served” doesn’t apply here as we match each dog in our program with the most appropriate home for him/her, whether that home comes next week or next year!

Step 6:  Meet(s)

Once we’ve talked with you on which dogs might be a suitable fit, it is time to set up a meet/meets! Your adoption coordinator will facilitate arranging a meet with your household members, your current dog(s) and the rescued dog. We have experience introducing new dogs, so will help with the introductions of your dog to the rescued dog if applicable. During the meet, keep in mind that rescued Border Collies may be rather aloof/timid at first meeting. While we have seen many meets where there is an “insta-bond” between the new dog and the adopter(s), many times that kind of bonding takes time. The meet is a great time to get any/all questions answered on the dog’s temperament, likes/dislikes, and what will be helpful in establishing a wonderful relationship with your new dog!

Step 7:  The Adoption

If both you and the WBCR representative feel the dog is a great match for you, the adoption may be completed after the meet. An adoption contract must be completed, signed and the adoption fee paid to complete the adoption. Please review our contract before your meet; it is available on our website or by clicking here. Please note that if at any time during your rescued dog’s life you cannot/no longer wish to keep it, he or she is required to be returned to WBCR.

Step 8:  Follow-up

To ensure a successful adoption, we have a network of volunteers happy to answer any questions/help you work through issues that may arise while your new dog is transitioning into your home, or ten years down the road! We are committed to each and every dog we rescue for the rest of his/her life, so please stay in touch with us. Plus, we love getting updates!

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Adoptable Dogs


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Cricket has arrived! And what an itty bitty little lass she is. This cutie landed at her foster home a few days ago and is proving to be quite the love bug. Plus a really perfect lap dog at just 22 pounds!!! We’ll post more about her on our website as we get to know her.

Currently fostered in Denver, CO area


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We are thrilled to share the news that Faith has gotten a good bill of health! As you may recall, Faith was the pup who was discovered at the shelter to have a mass on her abdomen, and during spay surgery it was removed and suspected to be cancerous. We have no idea what her history is; she came in as a stray with an injury to her face as well, which has healed up. Regardless, we believed this sweet girl deserved a chance, and after a few weeks in WBCR foster care, we then took her to a vet. They did a followup exam, xrays, and bloodwork, and all came up clear. Hooray! She is also proving to be a very friendly and loving girl with people and has got all kinds of nice skills: she’s cratetrained, is great off leash and stays by you, she is happy to get in the car. Unlike many BCs, loud noises don’t seem to bother her at all. Like many female BCs, she gets along with males but not so much other females, so she won’t be placed in a home with other females. She is starting to play a bit with the young male in her foster home, so might enjoy sharing life with a male dog, but so far no interest in toys. And for those of you who love the itty bitty girls, she’s just 26 pounds! We aren’t totally clear on her age; the shelter guessed her as 3 but she may be a little older.

If you are looking for a classic rough coat little princess to join your family, Faith may be the girl for you!

Currently fostered in NV but working to move her to CO

Folly – Adoption Pending

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This beautiful classic girl Folly is just about ready for a home of her own!

Perhaps some of you remember her heartbreaking story that we posted on facebook September 17th….and that we were able to save this girl from euthanasia in the nick of time. After a series of mishaps with transports, she finally landed safely with a WBCR foster family. The day after she arrived, she came into heat! What a tough, turbulent time it has been for Folly.

Fast forward a month and a half. This girl’s life has become much more stable, and clearly she’s feeling much more settled. She will be spayed this coming week and then ready for a family to call her own!

Folly is a pretty young leggy BC on the smaller side (just 36 pounds!) and is proving to have SO MANY super traits and skills. If you are looking for a friendly young BC who already has a good number of skills in place, is on the smaller side, and who doesn’t need oodles of exercise a day – here she is!

Folly is super social with adult people and gets pretty excited to meet anyone who comes her way! The jury is still out on dogs. She reportedly got along with the other dog in her former home (who was older) as well as some dogs at the shelter, but it is clear in her foster home that she is a strong female (does not get along well with the other female BC) and so will not be placed in a home with other female dogs. (Of course she came into heat the day she arrived and this can exacerbate female-female tensions, but she’s out of heat now and it continues.) She is totally a toy dog and loves to play tug, frisbee, balls….but will need someone who can manage to keep her arousal level down during toy play with breaks and thinking games in between because she can get too fired up. Folly also enjoys walks and has learned to trot alongside a bike in her foster home. That being said, this girl is not a super high energy BC – more moderate, perhaps, although certainly could keep up on big adventures. Folly isn’t a good candidate for homes with kids, and she’s shown fear of the horses at her foster home, but has lived peaceably with cats in the past so likely can live in a home with a felines.

Folly is past the puppy stage and filled to the gills with skills: she’s housebroken, cratetrained, can be in an exercise pen, and is quite reasonable in the house. She doesn’t jump or challenge barriers and is over the chewing stage! She is comfortable being left alone and rides both crated or loose in the car well. She will need continued work with handling (especially at the vet, which her foster mom is working on) and learning about all the good things the world has to offer.

All in all, Folly is going to make one heck of a lovely companion for some lucky people!

Currently fostered in Lander, WY


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This good-natured boy came to us from a Utah shelter in early spring of 2022, and it took us a while to find him just the right foster situation. Since he landed with his new foster earlier this year, this boy just keeps getting better and better! To be clear, he’s always been friendly with people, and is one of the few kid-friendly dogs we have at WBCR. And he remains as social as ever! But since settling into this foster home, we’ve seen lots of good changes that tell us he’s really feeling happy and comfortable. His dog greetings are calmer (he LOVES to play with other dogs), he’s more attentive to his person outdoors, and he is showing glimmers that he might have off leash potential in some situations. And the icing on the cake? In this different situation, his fence-clearing tendency has subsided! So we think in the right situation (including a tall fence and no unsupervised yard time especially if there are potentially taunting squirrels nearby), it’s looking like Koby can enjoy the benefits of a home with a fenced yard. Yay! Which is great, cause this sweet boy loves to run and play…as well as go for long walks, goof around with other dogs, and hang with his people. He’s housetrained and crate trained, and is even learning to chill at home since his foster mom just went back to work in the office. We think Koby would be happiest with another playful dog in the home or in his life regularly, but other than that, could be suitable to all kinds of different situations as long as there are no cats or livestock in the picture.
So what makes this boy so special? He’s got two rare traits for a member of the breed, and especially the dogs we have at WBCR: he’s exceptionally social with people/friendly and well behaved with humans of all ages, kids included. And he’s also quite comfortable in the urban environment, showing no concerns with vehicles or all the other hubbub the bright lights big city entails.
So if you are looking for a sweet and well-adjusted young lad who is ready to be your sidekick in life, look no further!

Currently he lives with 6 and 11 year old kids in his foster home, and we think he could be an excellent family dog for an active family. He also lives with another young BC and a dachshund, loves to play with other dogs, and would be happiest with another playful dog in the home.

Currently fostered in Denver, CO


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Meet Malin! This little lilac girlie is 7 mo. old and will steal your heart if you let her! She was born with a congenital disease called megaesophagus. This is a disorder in which the esophagus (the tube that carries food and liquid from the mouth to the stomach) gets enlarged and loses its ability to transport food. Dogs with this disease are unable to eat normally and will regurgitate food after eating without intervention. Luckily, WBCR intervened and has gotten Malin the items she needs to live a successful “normal” life. Now she just needs her forever home that can help her continue to blossom and grow!

When Malin came to WBCR, she was a scared little girl weighing only 16 pounds! Luckily, she is being fostered with a skilled vet tech that has taught her just how great her Baily Chair really can make her feel! This is a special chair that allows her to stay in an upright position while eating, allowing gravity to help the esophagus to prevent regurgitation (see picture). Malin will gladly go in her chair on her own to wait for her meals. After some trial and error, her foster mom found the best food consistency for Malin to eat without any regurgitation or difficulty swallowing, allowing her to gain 7 pounds over the last 2 months!

Malin is an active puppy regardless of her disorder. She loves to swim, hike, play fetch, and is learning how to tug, sit, and drop it.

Malin gets along with dogs over time, after a slow introduction and is starting to play with some dogs she has gotten to know better. Malin can see dogs on walks without incident but will growl at them if they approach her. Cats in her foster home have proven to be over-stimulating, so a cat-free home is a must.
Malin is fearful of new people, especially men and does not like to be approached by anyone outside of her inner circle. But once you have gained her trust, she is a very sweet girl who loves to cuddle, give kisses and lay on you for a nap. Malin is currently taking fluoxetine (once a day pill) to help her cope with how overwhelming the world is for her. If you are willing to help slowly work with this special girl to expand her world at her pace, fill out your application now!

Currently fostered in Bailey, CO

Moe – Adoption Pending

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Daddy Moe of the Lucky Seven puppies is not only a total showboat, but is proving to be a fantastic fella in all departments! He’s friendly and agreeable with humans and dogs alike, and despite having never been in a car, on a leash, or in a house before we took him in, he has taken it all in stride quite easily. He is affectionate, athletic, and is discovering the wonders of all different kinds of toys. He went for his first bike ride and scored an A+ easy peasy! He’s getting neutered in the very near future and will be up for adoption shortly after. We think he’s about 5 years old and clearly a total prize. Folks, if you are looking for a well-adjusted and wonderfully agreeable BC, here he is!

Currently fostered in Denver, CO area


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Any hobby herders out there looking for a new prospect? Meet Newt! This little freckle faced lad came to us as a “sheepdog washout” who apparently worked nicely but just pooped out quickly…so he was chalked up as just not having enough interest, despite being from some very reputable UK working lines. But when he arrived to his foster home, it was clear he was quite underweight and was then diagnosed as riddled with all kinds of intestinal parasites. It’s now been 3 months since he arrived – he’s been treated multiple times for all the ickies and his GI has stabilized (yay!). He has put on over 10 pounds, he’s now sleek and glossy and all muscled up, and he’s showing all kinds of interest and lovely instinct with sheep. We hope to get some video of that soon. This little lad is also outstanding with other dogs – living very peaceably with 4 others in his foster home – and will be happiest in a home with at least one another confident dog to role model off of. He’s very affectionate with those humans he knows, but he’s not super sure and can be pretty hesitant around some unfamiliar people; he will benefit from an adopter with shy dog experience and a quieter environment. We hear he’s lived peaceably with cats in the past but have not officially tested him yet. He’s cratetrained, house trained in his foster home, and travels/rides crated in the car well. Newt has a smaller frame, is compact and athletic, and has those adorable one up one down ears, not to mention the most charming grin around. He is going to make some lucky person the pup of their dreams!

Currently fostered near Montrose, CO


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Meet endearing Nye. This boy came to us from an Idaho shelter with his two brothers; all were picked up as strays and Nye was by far the most timid of the bunch. His brothers have both progressed in confidence and been adopted – and now it’s Nye’s turn! Thanks to his outstanding foster mom, Nye has come a looooong way from the petrified youngster he was when he first arrived and is proving to be just the sweetest, most gentle lad who enjoys the small pleasures in life. He likes to sneak in a kiss when it’s least expected or stick his nose in his foster mom’s ear when she’s not looking. He also loves to lay in the sun and chew a stick or roll in the grass.

While super laid back, he still enjoys playing with dogs and is starting to play more with his human. He’s great at going for walks with groups of people and dogs and is frequently in the park. He loves the water (not sure if he can swim yet but he’ll play in a river) and has quite lovely leash manners. Although he’s most comfortable with those he knows, he’s now going up to more strangers for sniffs and snacks. While he’s growing in confidence and independence, he still checks in with his foster mom when out and about. He has a pretty good recall, even when a squirrel is involved! At home, he loves to lay by his foster mom’s feet or nap next to her on the couch. Nye really struggled with being home alone but has made great strides; he’s also not super comfortable with riding in a car, but we’ve got some ideas up our sleeve to help with that.

It sounds like Nye really looks to his older canine foster brother quite a bit, so he’s likely going to be happiest with another confident dog in the home who could be a playmate and good role model for him. How he is with cats is unknown but could be a possibility.

If you have a soft spot for the quiet, reserved, sensitive and soulful type of BC, Nye could be the boy for you!

Nye Rolling in Grass

Nye Playing

Currently fostered in SLC, UT


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Adorable little smoothie Sis recently came back to WBCR after her owner’s work schedule dramatically changed and Sis was alone far too much. We’ll be posting more as we get to know her.

Currently fostered in Wheatland, WY


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This super nice young smoothie came to us from a Utah shelter in quite literally the nick of time. The shelter staff put out a plea for help because they found him such a super dog, and they are right! Sonny rolled right onto a plane to fly to safety, and then into foster care after that. He seems a well-adjusted fellow, friendly with people and other dogs. His BC intensity shows around a ball; he is quite a fetchaholic. Dog sport potential! Bonus is he’s got a great off switch and some skills too. This boy is gonna make some lucky BC lover very happy!

Currently fostered in Denver, CO area


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Meet Toby! This wonderfully happy BC youngster had been in the shelter system for more than half his life, first coming in at 6 months, then being adopted and returned TWICE from a crowded Kansas shelter through no fault of his own. When his number came up for euthanasia, they reached out to us for help. He’s reportedly friendly with people and other dogs and has just always got a smile on his face! How could we say no to this eternal optimist? He was already playing the day he arrived to his WBCR foster home. More coming soon as we get to know this gooberhead. 🙂

Currently fostered near Wheatland, WY


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Little Whit came to us from a rural NV shelter, where she arrived as one of a pair of BC girls who were picked up not long after a pair of similarly smooth coated BC boys were brought in, also picked up as strays. None of these 4 youngsters were claimed, and all were in danger of being euthanized for space….so we said yes to all of them. Whit headed to one of our longtime fosters, and like all 4 of these pups, proved to be a social and playful girl. However, her foster was perplexed by Whit’s mysterious but notable lack of housetraining progress. It seemed likely she had a UTI, so that’s the route we went….but that didn’t resolve it. It took quite a few more vet visits and exams before a solid conclusion was reached: Whit was diagnosed with a rare birth defect, an ectopic ureter. Basically, instead of her urine going directly from her right kidney to her bladder, it bypassed the bladder and just came out! So she leaked a bit of urine here and there all day long. In good news, we found out there is a surgical solution, and we found a surgeon up to the task. The total cost? $5800. But of course we said yes, because we knew the best chance she had at finding a family to call her own would be having this surgery.
In early September, Whit had the procedure done. She’s healed well and is now also on Proin (a medication for incontinence) and the verdict? No more leaking!!! So this delightful, happy little lass is now officially ready for a home of her own. From her foster mom: “She is so stinking cute and has the sweetest personality, good with both people and dogs. She loves to play with toys, chew on her canine foster brother, run all over with the other dogs (she shares her foster home with 4 others), and then will just lay down and take a nap. She gives all the dogs a lick each morning to say hi and has to have her pets from us before she gets the day started; she likes to snuggle too. She is good with the grandkids, 4 and 6. She is crate trained and has been sleeping in there at night; is ok on the leash; knows a few of the basics. Off leash on our property she comes to me when I call her. She is fine in the car and can be left alone at home and we are mostly over the steal something, chew on it then hide it phase! She could be a dog sport candidate or be someones active sidekick in adventure.” Whit is quite a fabulous BC package, and we are so excited to help her find her way to her next chapter in life.

Currently fostered outside Denver, CO

Not Yet Available


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Thanks to the unbelievably tremendous efforts of a whole bunch of dedicated, big hearted people – one in particular who lept into action to make it happen and devoted hours and hours to their cause in the last few days – three feral pups in a Colorado shelter escaped euthanasia by less than 24 hours. Two have landed safely with WBCR. Bett is a beautiful young female who is learning about the good life and trusting people.

Currently fostered near Denver, CO

Lucky Seven Puppies

Lucky 7 plus Momslider1
Lucky 7 plus Momslider1
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4 Female, 3 Male

Not even 20 days into the new year and we took another leap of faith. This beautiful and super sweet BC mama was rescued in the nick of time by a good samaritan who got her out of the bitter outside Colorado temperatures during a January cold snap. And shortly after, she delivered a Lucky Seven, now christened Savor, Sage, Sully, Shea, Sloane, Splash and Sylvie. There are 4 girls and 3 boys. These babies will be ready for homes of their own in mid March
We also landed the dad, a handsome red and white, who is a wonderful dog as well!

Currently fostered near Durango, CO


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Meet our O Puppies: Ooni (female with upright ears) and Ohto (male with floppier ears). Although they are almost all white, they don’t seem to have any vision issues and can seem to hear some. Foster mom has been working with hand signals and that has been working well. Both puppies LOVE snuggling with people and dogs alike. They are currently living with two young children who are very involved with their care and a female adult border collie. They are learning basic commands (sit, wait, come) and have started walking short distances on leash. Like any puppy, they are teething and learning what are appropriate items to chew.

Currently fostered in Cheyenne, WY


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Thanks to the unbelievably tremendous efforts of a whole bunch of dedicated, big hearted people – one in particular who lept into action to make it happen and devoted hours and hours to their cause in the last few days – three feral pups in a Colorado shelter escaped euthanasia by less than 24 hours. Two have landed safely with WBCR. Handsome Rip is a young male who is learning about the good life and starting to trust people.

Currently fostered near Durango, CO

S Puppies

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Male & Female

Males: Savor (R&W), Sully (B&W), Splash (B&W)

Females: Sage (R&W), Shea (R&W), Sloane (R&W), Sylvie (B&W)

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